Hard Drives, Storage Solutions, Tape Drives & more from Ultratec Limited

Ultratec sell the highest quality hard drives, storage solutions and tape drives. Our industry leading test/repair/erase processing allows us to produce fully warrantied, high-end ‘legacy’ grade A hard drives at competitive prices.

We’ve been at the pinnacle of the marketplace since 1996, breaking new boundaries in data erasure and test and repair to satisfy IT purchasers needs.

We are truly global traders, having sales and purchasing relationships spanning decades. We sell the world’s leading IT brands and have extensive knowledge of these hard drives and market trends.

We are passionate about our job and the most importantly offering a high quality product and high customer service level. We pride ourselves on the continued advancements we make of research and development in data erasure and high-volume test and repair.

If there are parts that you cannot find on our website, please call us on +44(0)1438 211200 and one of our specialist sales team will assist in finding the part