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Data security in the cloud
Posted by: Ross
Equifax's data breach by the numbers
Posted by: Ross

Equifax's data breach by the numbers: The full breakdown

The credit-monitoring giant reveals exactly how much information was exposed in a massive data breach in 2017 that affected more than half of Americans.

List of data breaches in March 2018
Posted by: Ross
Healthcare breaches are common in our monthly lists – but the number of incidents this month is insane. Take a look at the list, and you’ll quickly notice that the majority of them are healthcare related.
How DNA can be used to store computer data
Posted by: Ross

British scientists think DNA could be used to solve a global problem - where to store all our data.

They have developed a technique to store computer files on DNA code.

The BBC's science and technology correspondent Richard Westcott reports.

My 120TB NAS is faster than a SSD
Posted by: Ross
We take ten 12TB hard drives and see what they can do.

Check out this interesting article testing Seagate Ironwolf series 12TB hard drives.
Posted by: Ross
Security researchers claim to have found the personal data of 31 million Android users of the keyboard app Ai.type after finding an open database online.
Hard drives are not finished just yet!
Posted by: Ross

Breathing New Life Into Spinning Disks While Laying Future For Flash Storage

For all the talk about the growing strength of the flash storage market compared with the market for spinning disks, Western Digital makes a strong case for continued investment in hard drives, with a focus on large-capacity, slower enterprise-class drives where the company expects that a cost-per-terabyte of about one-tenth that of flash will keep those drives spinning into the far future.

WD Introduces this monster storage system
Posted by: Ross

FANS OF really, really big hard drives, take a gander at this: a new up to 20TB desktop hard drive from Western Digital. The MyBook Duo offers a RAID-configured monolith of black storage loveliness on your desktop, ideal for those big data users like RAW format photographers. WD emphasises both the home and small business user can benefit from it.

Hackers caught
Posted by: Ross
Two Iranian nationals have been charged by the US government for hacking a US defense technology maker in a bid to steal and sell software used in ammunition design.
Sound Waves Could Power Hard Drives.
Posted by: Ross
Our need to store data is growing at an astonishing rate. An estimated 2.7 zettabytes (2.721) of data are currently held worldwide, equivalent to several trillion bytes for every one of the 7 billion people on Earth. Accessing this data quickly and reliably is essential for us to do useful things with it – the problem is, all our current methods of doing so are far too slow.

Data Recovery Special Offer
Posted by: Ross
Fixed price data recovery for £395 for the rest of June 2017

Quote DR-FIXED-JUNE-17 when you call on 01438 211200

For more information visit our Data Recovery page
Western Digital & Toshiba chip-maker
Posted by: Ross
More on Western Digital's interest in buying Toshiba Memory from the Japan Times

"Western Digital Corp is considering proposing a plan to acquire Toshiba Corp’s flash memory unit for more than ¥2 trillion, informed sources have said."
Ultratec Ltd pass unannounced ADISA audit
Posted by: Ross
ADISA – The Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance have passed on some good news to us!

‘Further to your recent unannounced audit,  I am delighted to confirm that Ultratec have passed the audit and continue to be ADISA Certified with Distinction’.

We work very hard to be a member of this industry leading alliance, so news like this proves our hard work is paying off.

If your business wants to have confidence that their partners operate to the highest industry standards which reflect current best practice for handling data carrying assets look for ADISA Certification to give you reassurance.
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